R&D strategy in radiopharmaceuticals

Alacrita’s radiopharmaceuticals consultants developed an R&D strategy for a major nuclear physics research institute looking to build a capability in nuclear medicine. The project was led by an expert in radiopharmaceuticals who had spent 25 years of his career working in nuclear medicine R&D and business development. Alacrita visited the client’s current facilities and interviewed key members of staff to gain an understanding of their current capability and infrastructure. To supplement and verify our own perspective, we interviewed several key opinion leaders to develop an up to date and clear understanding of the future opportunities in nuclear medicine.

We delivered three strategic options for the client to consider, ranging from semi-virtual through to fully integrated, and for each option set out the infrastructure, personnel and investment needed, expected timelines and likely return on investment. We provided specific recommendations with respect to radioisotopes of special interest, unmet needs for new diagnostic tracers and set out a number of therapeutic strategies in major diseases indications. To accelerate their entry into the field, Alacrita presented a number of in-licensing opportunities that looked particularly promising.

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