A biotech client had developed a generic version of a major anti-diabetic peptide drug, and wanted a clearer understanding of the product's registrability, as well as support with defining the various data packages that would be required in the submission. 


Alacrita's regulatory team addressed the following items:

  • Defined the nonclinical data package needed for registration as a biosimilar/generic in both EU and US, with high level outline design for any additional recommended studies, and identification of those nonclinical studies (in vitro/in vivo) that can be performed with API vs. those to be performed with drug product;
  • Defined the clinical package needed for registration as a biosimilar in both EU and US, with high level outline design for recommended studies;
  • Identified the sections of the eCTD that needed to be populated for Modules 4 and 5, and where it is acceptable to have justifications for missing data (and what those justifications would be);
  • Reviewed the qualitative and quantitative composition of the client's product vs. the reference medicinal product to determine whether an abbreviated data package can be proposed;
  • Assessed acceptability of current manufacturing process flow.





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