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Alacrita, the life sciences consulting firm, today announced that medical imaging expert and Alacrita Partner, Colin G Miller PhD, will present a poster at the upcoming Osteoarthritis Research Society International (OARSI) Annual Meeting in Las Vegas from 27th to 30th April.

Colin is the co-author of a poster presentation entitled “Standardization of imaging reads for eligibility assessment of patients — Component of a risk mitigation strategy in the Tanezumab Clinical program.” This has part of a major anti-Nerve Growth Factor program being conducted by Pfizer for which Colin has been consulting for over 4 years. Colin is an experienced medical imaging consultant and specializes in optimizing the use of medical imaging to evaluate the safety and efficacy of novel pharmaceuticals.
Colin will participate in the inaugural workshop in “Clinical Trials in Osteoarthritis”, which is designed to equip investigators and industry sponsors with an understanding of the complexities of running patient-oriented randomized clinical trials in osteoarthritis. Colin is a member of the organizing committee and a Corporate advisor to the conference.

“The OARSI meeting is the premier meeting for preclinical and clinical research in the field of osteoarthritis” stated Colin Miller. “I have participated in OARSI for over 10 years and delighted to accept the invitation to participate on the organizing committee for the workshop on clinical trials in osteoarthritis. The treatment of osteoarthritis represents a significant unmet medical need and there are several therapies in development for disease modification, so this workshop comes at a key time.”

Rob Johnson, Managing Partner at Alacrita, said: “The Alacrita team consists of high calibre individuals to provide world-class pharma consulting services. Dr Miller has co-authored over a dozen publications in the conduct of clinical trials in osteoarthritis and the challenges of imaging endpoints, is a recognized expert in medical imaging and a respected consultant in the osteoarthritis field. This level of contribution exemplifies the Alacrita approach and that we continue to have impact in our respective areas of expertise”.

Osteoarthritis Research Society International (OARSI) Annual Meeting
Las Vegas, Nevada
27th to 30th April, 2016

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