Technology Consulting: Novel Antibody Screening Technology

Alacrita’s antibody consultants were asked to help assess the market potential and develop a commercialization strategy for a novel antibody discovery and screening platform.

The client had developed a novel antibody technology capable of rapidly screening and selecting millions (and potentially billions) of antibody producing clones using a simple array technology, allowing the analysis of every single clone without the need for enrichment.

Alacrita’s antibody consultants performed primary and secondary market analysis for the technology, engaging with future customers, end-users and other relevant stakeholders of the antibody industry. We profiled the emerging and existing competitor landscape for the proposed antibody technology application and investigated potential routes to exploitation. Alacrita mapped out the markets and customers where the antibody technology would have the strongest potential. Alacrita identified key application areas and, for each area, determined the level of unmet need and the degree of benefit that the technology could add.

To validate and refine our thinking, we interviewed the scientific teams of several antibody developers and gained further insight into competing antibody discovery and clone selection technologies. Alacrita delivered robust, market-tested feedback to the client along with a coherent, low-risk commercialization roadmap.

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