A biopharma company asked Alacrita to provide expert input on the clinical development of a microbiome therapeutic (LBP, live biotherapeutic product) in the context of first line and second line combination therapy of malignant melanoma.


One of our pharmaceutical oncologists provided high-level clinical development plans for both a first and second line therapy strategy. Our consultant provided an overview of the target indication, current standards of care, unmet therapeutic needs, a review of the therapeutic landscape (current and pileline) and clinical study designs including objectives, endpoints, patient selection criteria and sample size, timelines and information on estimated time to approval.



Clinical Development Expertise: 

Our drug development consultants bring an average of 20 years of industry experience and wisdom to our clients' program teams. Many have made significant contributions to the development of launched products and have held global responsibilities for marketed medicines. With Alacrita, you can access high-caliber, clinical development experts with proven track records and precisely relevant expertise.

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