Life Science Professional Employer Organization

Alacrita acts as a life science Professional Employment Organization to ex-US life science companies looking to access the US market.

Many international life science service companies recognize that the US is an essential market for their services and the best way to access that market is by having an employee working full time developing new business in the US.

However, there are substantial hurdles for international companies to employ a US worker, including setting up a legal entity in the US, opening a bank account, filing taxes, complying with local and federal regulations. Some specific issues include:

  • workers compensation
  • immigration checks
  • liability insurance
  • social security
  • employee tax
  • legal advice
  • accounting
  • tax returns
  • withholding
  • healthcare insurance
  • banking
  • pension
  • payroll taxes
  • etc.

For certain types of life science service companies, Alacrita can act as the employer of record, helping international life science companies recruit and employ a worker on your behalf. This leaves you to focus on your business, reaping the rewards of having a full-time business development resource working in the USA.

Alacrita delivers this Life Science PEO service through Foothold America. Please contact Rob Johnson should you require further information about this service.

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