A publicly traded specialty pharma company was considering acquiring a company developing a prescription product for use by surgeons. We were asked to conduct an assessment of the market and commercial opportunity for the products being developed by the target company.


We assembled a team of expert pharmaceutical consultants including:

  • a former executive of a major surgical products corporation who had managed a startup company that successfully developed similar products and was subsequently acquired by the major corporation
  • a pharmaceutical physician with direct experience of the product type
  • an experienced market researcher with expertise in payer research on both sides of the Atlantic

Our team conducted an assessment based on in-depth interviews of key opinion leaders in the US and major European markets, and payer research aimed at understanding acceptable pricing/reimbursement levels, as well as the evidence base that would be needed to support them. We held an interim feedback session with our client’s investment team, and after refining the report with the management team of the target company, provided a final presentation to both our client and the target company.


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