A biotechnology company developing proprietary synthetic biology technology in gene therapy expression for several clients was looking to evolve its business model. The company engaged Alacrita to find a way to build their own internal cell and gene therapy (including gene editing) pipeline and to put together a plan in order to establish medical indications the technology could be applied to. The company was mainly interested in developing the technology where its technology would deem the product as differentiating, ensuring the development of stand-out products.


Alacrita first reviewed hundreds of relevant gene therapy indications, and triaged potential clinical opportunities for which the synthetic technology was best suited based on pre-determined criteria. We then conducted a preliminary assessment of each opportunity, profiling the top seven clinical opportunities by scoring each disease and scrutinizing the market opportunity. In our final report, we outlined the feasibility of the development of this technology in each profiled indication and analyzed how well the technology fitted, described the market opportunity and the scope for product differentiation, and pointed out the potential challenges and risks facing the client.


Cell & Gene Therapy Support

Alacrita frequently supports clients on projects involving advanced cell and gene therapies. Our multi-disciplinary team provides comprehensive expertise that fully considers the intricate nature of these therapeutics, particularly the associated CMC and regulatory complexities. For more information on our background and experience in this field, please click here. 

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