A university research group had discovered a new pathway for regulation of T cell trafficking in the inflammatory response.  The group had also identified an anti-inflammatory peptide and its cognate receptor which could form the basis of a novel therapeutic strategy for treatment of inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. After demonstrating efficacy in several animal models, patents were filed and the commercial opportunity was somewhat explored. The university believed the discovery represented a potential technology platform suitable for a spin-out company, and therefore had already identified an ex-industry executive and entrepreneur interested in leading such a spin-out, and had also interested VCs already.

Alacrita was asked to conduct a technical and commercial review of the opportunity, as well as provide support for the development of an operations plan and an investment slide deck to support fundraising activities.


Our findings confirmed the attractiveness of the opportunity and the viability of the provisional translational research plan. Our consultants reviewed and commented on the evolving operations plan and underlying assumptions to refine the investment slide deck, ensuring that it conveyed the key messages for prospective investors in the planned pre-seed round. Subsequently we drafted a successful application for a translational research grant which provided cornerstone funding for a pre-seed investment round enabling a spin-out company to be formed.

Strategy & Commercialization

Our team of expert pharmaceutical business consultants provides deep knowledge in critical areas such as company and portfolio strategies, fundraising pitch materials, platform or program opportunity-feasibility assessments, new product planning, value-based pricing and market access, and product launch preparations.


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